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We endeavor to help each student maximize
his or her potential and live his or her life to the fullest

We are a leading private formal higher education group in China, as measured by our graduate employment rates in 2013, 2014 and 2015, according to Frost & Sullivan.We provide high quality higher education in a wide selection of fields in applied sciences. Our course offerings are designed to equip our students with practical and readily applicable skills and prepare them for the job market. We conduct market research on an on-going basis to determine employer preferences and adjust our course offerings from time to time to meet changing market demand. We have established workplace simulation studios that are designed to simulate typical workplaces to allow our students to put into practice the knowledge they learned through our course offerings. We also encourage our students to obtain professional certifications to help them gain entry into their desired fields. As a result, we have achieved industry-leading graduate employment rates, with an average of approximately 98.7%, 98.6% and 98.3% of the graduates of our Yunnan School and Guizhou School in 2013, 2014 and 2015,respectively, either employed or pursuing further studies by the end of their year of graduation, compared with PRC industry averages of 86.8%, 87.4% and 92.3% for the same years, according to Frost & Sullivan.



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