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Group Overview


New Higher Education Group

New Higher Education Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1999 and headquartered in Beijing, is a leading listed company (Stock Symbol: 2001.HK) involved in the provision of higher vocational education, with its shareholders including JPMorgan Chase and others among Fortune 500. The Group has currently invested and established seven schools (including four undergraduate colleges and three junior colleges) in seven provinces throughout China, namely, Yunnan Technology and Business University, Science and Technology College of Hubei Minzu University, Harbin Huade University, Lanzhou University of Technology College of Technology and Engineering, Guizhou Vocational College of Industry and Commerce, Luoyang Vocation College of Science and Technology, and Talent International College Guangxi. The seven schools have an aggregate enrolment of more than 111,000 students, with a total of over 300,000 graduate students.

Leading the school-running with the Party’s education policy. The schools of the Group are the title winners of “Advanced Units for Party Building”, “Advanced Universities for Exceling in Their Performances”, “Demonstration Units for Private Higher Education”, “Outstanding Builders of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, and “Innovative Units with National Characteristics". While ensuring a quality-oriented practice, the Group also adheres to the idea of poverty alleviation through education to make sure no one is left behind, and undertakes social responsibilities in an active manner by investing over 70 million yuan in poverty reduction and education sector. Such good deeds were reported by People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency many times. Li Xiaoxuan, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, as the sole representative in private higher education, was awarded the National Poverty Alleviation Award by the State Council in October 2018.

Taking cultivating first-class applied talents as the goal. The Group takes “Promoting Education Development in China Innovatively” as its mission, adheres to the education tenet of “Nurture the Growth of Our Students, Help Students Become The Best They Can Be”, and practices the educational philosophy of “Strengthen Moral Education and Cultivate Talents, Teach Students in Accordance with Their Aptitude, Apply What One Has Learned.”. The Group implements a strategy of integration into national strategies, regional development and industry progress, and adopts an applied talents training model based on the sustainable and high-quality employment-oriented approach, and upholds an innovation-driven development idea, with an aim of increasing the students’ professional competitiveness and employability. The schools of the Group have won the title of the “Top 50 National Employment of the MOE”, “Advanced Collective of National College Graduates’ Employment” and “National 50 Universities with Typical Experience in Graduates’ Employment”. Its high-quality employment has been recognized by students and the society.

Being committed to become a respectable first-class education group in China. The past 20 years have seen the deliverables the Group, as a forerunner in group development of China’s higher vocational education and contributing to promoting China’s private higher education, has made in its school running, thus receiving full recognition of leaders at the central and local levels. The then vice premier of the State Council Liu Yandong, the then vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Yan Junqi, and former minister of education Yuan Guiren highly commended the Group’s achievements after their visits to the schools of the Group and field investigations. Mr. Li Xiaoxuan, concurrently serving as vice president of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy, vice president of China Association of Non-Government Education, vice president of Association of University (Colleges) of Applied Sciences and a member of the Standing Committee of All-China Youth Federation Alliance, was received by Premier Li Keqiang twice. In early 2018, Mr. Li was elected as a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress, making him the only deputy among private universities.

Going forward, the Group will be faithful to its original aspirations and make headways towards the future. The Group will contribute to its share in exploring and blazing new models and paths for modern higher vocational education by sticking to the strategies of applied-driven approach and conglomeration, digitization, internationalization and brandization, breaking new grounds in line with the employment-oriented, quality-driven and discipline-based strategy and holding to the spirit of progressing with undiminished vigor and forever pursuing excellence. The Group is determined to establish a university focusing on applied sciences in every province in China and on each of five continents around the globe, striving to nurture more qualified builders and reliable successors for the realization of the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.